e-payment and e-monitoring solution

Secure mechanism in card payment technology

Strategic end to end e-solutions to clients

EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) compliant infrastructure

State tertiary institutions where our solution has been deployed

it has enabled State Governments to increase their revenue through savings made from subventions

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Paytech is the foremost company to implement this solution

Our platform increased IGR collections by over 50 percent within the first year of operation. The State witnessed the tertiary institutions declare more revenue than they did with Government subvention, after the implementation of our platform

Paytech has a wealth of experience in providing this service and we have never rendered any of the tertiary institutions where we have deployed this solution worse off from the implementation of our platform


Our Team

Paytech has been assisting its clients and Nigeria realize its cashless society plans in recent times, with capable members in our team